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Teeth In A Day



Teeth in a day, better known as All-On-4 or Supported Dentures provides patients with an added channel towards permanent replacement teeth that look and feel just like your real teeth. This procedure is for individuals that are in need of dentures as a result of periodontal disease or extensive decay. All-On-4’s are a fixed prosthesis supported by four (4) implants. There are some instances where six (6) implants are implemented. The illustration below demonstrates how the All-On-4 / Supported Dentures process is carried out.




All On 4 Upper Jaw




Upper Arch


All On 4 Lower Jaw


Lower Arch




The Benefits of All-On-4:


The emerging technology of All-On-4 has yielded less invasive benefits. No longer are sinus lifts, bone augmentation or bone grafts required to get the results you are looking for. The reason behind this is credited to longer, angled implants that avoid the sinus cavity on the upper jaw. The same benefit spares your nerve canal located on the lower jaw. The All-On-4 procedure eliminates the daily hassle and discomfort with normal dentures while regaining dietary liberties that once intervened with your prior dentures. It’s the perfect solution!

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