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Wisdom Teeth Extractions


What Are Wisdom Teeth?


Wisdom Teeth Third Molars, more commonly known as “Wisdom Teeth” are submerged teeth beneath the gums in the four corners of your posterior arches. An easier way to think of their location is in the rear of your mouth. Though most individuals have or have had wisdom teeth in their lifetime, some people never develop them.



Do I Have Wisdom Teeth?


You can simply identify your wisdom teeth by examining your upper and lower arches to see if a “third” molar exists. In some cases your wisdom teeth may not be visible which likely will required the assistance of imaging technology (X-Ray) by visiting the dentist for conclusive results. Wisdom Teeth are normally observed in early adulthood.


Do My Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Extracted?


For so many individuals, wisdom teeth end up being the root cause to subsequent dental complications later on. That is why it is extremely important to monitor wisdom teeth from the very beginning. It is recommended that wisdom teeth be removed during the early adulthood / teenage years while your third molars are still developing. Not only does this make your wisdom teeth easier to extract, but it helps prevent future complications.


In some individuals Wisdom Teeth breach the gum surface cleanly, leaving the adjacent tooth unhindered. As long as the third molar and adjacent tooth are properly cared for over the years with good oral hygiene, it will unlikely be a problem later down the line.


While many are spared from having to deal with the effects of wisdom teeth, many others often experience the negative impact of third molars. When a shortage of space exists for the teeth to properly grow into, they often end up impacted. Impacted Wisdom Teeth sometimes partially break the surface and / or even surface at a peculiar angle, adding pressure to the adjacent tooth / teeth. Third molars that surface at awkward angles create a situation where it is extremely hard maintain oral hygiene for both the wisdom molar and its neighbor. This uncomfortable scenario not only makes your wisdom teeth vulnerable to rapid tooth decay and recession, but neighboring teeth also become subjected to periodontal disease if not treated properly and in a timely manner.


Some Signs You May Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth


·      Pain / Pressure in molars when eating

·      Cheek and gum discomfort in the area of the third molar

·      Gum inflammation behind your last visible molar

·      Foul taste or smell in the area

·      Rubbing / Grinding against the cheek

·      Jaw stiffness



Why The Frisco Dentist?


If you or someone you know is currently experiencing any discomfort around their wisdom teeth, visit The Frisco Dentist for a prompt consultation and plan of action. Our in-house Board Certified Periodontist, Dr. Daniel Choi, DDS has years of experience in third molar extractions and has developed a fond reputation for extraordinary patient care, outcomes and overall satisfaction.


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