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Ridge Augmentation


What is Ridge Augmentation?


As a result of losing a tooth or multiple teeth, you often receive a gum and jawbone indentation located where the former tooth / teeth once resided. This is a result of the jawbone receding when it no longer needs to hold a tooth in place. This leaves behind an unnatural looking indention causing the replacement tooth to appear longer in comparison to your neighboring teeth.


Our doctors have the ability to resolve this defect with a procedure known as “ridge augmentation”, which can restore the previous natural contour of your gums and jawbone. Once this is completed, a new tooth can be custom developed that has a natural appearance, easy-to-maintain and elegant overall. 


Why Us?

The Frisco Dentist offers our patients piece of mind by giving them access to a high-level of care and desired outcomes through a Board Certified Periodontist.


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Ridge Augmentation Before Case One


Ridge Augmentation After Case One


Ridge Augmentation Before Case Two

Before Ridge Augmentation & Implant

Ridge Augmentation After Case Two

After Ridge Augmentation & Implant

Ridge Augmentation Before Case Three


Ridge Augmentation After Case Three