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Valentines Day Tips & Recommendations

Valentines Day

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Sacrificing Your Dental Health


With Valentines Day on the horizon you might be in the midst of planning what gift to give your special someone. Many of us might be scrambling to line up reservations at our favorite restaurant in anticipation of a hearty meal! Others will grab a box of chocolates and keep it low key. Whether you are out on the town or not, what is Valentines Day without some dessert to follow up a delicious meal? While we certainly do not encourage eating all those sugary delights, we understand that completely deterring you from indulging is unreasonable! So, for that reason we have some quick tips to keep all those sweets from causing negative effects on your smile!


·      Hydration: This should be a common habit for a healthy overall lifestyle.  Drinking lots of water while eating items like chocolate, candy etc. will keep the sugar from clinging to your teeth for long periods of time.


·      Avoid super thick “glue-like” substances when choosing what dessert you want. A good example would be caramel. It is yummy and satisfying, but if you are not careful, it will return with bad intentions. These sorts of sweets have a tendency to avoid cleaning techniques if you are not thorough enough when doing so. Replacements to consider are cheeses, chicken, nuts, fruits, veggies, milk, etc. if you are not in the mood for something sweet. Many of these are high in water content, which helps dilute the sugar content and promotes good saliva flow.


·      Last but certainly not least, the obvious. Brush, floss and rinse at least twice a day for great oral hygiene.


We wish you a Happy Valentines Day and remember to have fun, but not too much fun when it comes to sweet temptation!






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