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Why Porcelain Crowns?

Dental Crowns Fix Seriously Decayed and Broken Down Teeth.


What are Porcelain Crowns?


Porcelain crowns offer the best of form and function. Due to the silica content in dental ceramic, porcelain crowns have a lifelike translucence that makes them reflect light just like real tooth enamel. Your Austin cosmetic dentist, Dr. Helen Ragsdale, works with highly skilled dental ceramists who can perfectly color-match your crown to blend in with your natural teeth. Strong and durable porcelain crowns offer structural support to damaged or at-risk teeth and resist stains, discolorations, and chips.


Aren’t Dental Crowns Made from Metal?


Traditionally, dental crowns have been constructed from two materials. Each crown material offers its own set of advantages and detractors. For instance:


  • Metal Crowns: Usually made from an alloy of gold, palladium, nickel, or chromium, metal crowns are very durable and served as the material of choice for crowns until relatively recently. Unfortunately, metal crowns can crack as they age and, since they look nothing like real teeth, they can diminish the appearance of your smile. Furthermore, many people suffer from metal sensitivity and metal allergies. For these patients, metal crowns can cause more problems than they solve.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) Crowns: These crowns combine a metal substructure with a thin porcelain shell fused to the surface. They have the durability of metal and the lifelike esthetics of porcelain. However, because PFM crowns contain metal, they can cause adverse reactions in patients with metal sensitivity or metal allergies. While well-made PFM crowns look realistic at first, as the wearer ages, the gums can recede and reveal the metal substructure. This leaves a characteristic black or grey line at the gum line that can give your smile an unhealthy appearance.


Can Porcelain Crowns Improve the Health and Appearance of My Smile?


Dentists use crowns to protect a compromised tooth when a simple composite filling cannot adequately take care of a problem. Deep cavities, root canal therapy, and traumatic injury typically necessitate crown placement. Porcelain crowns make an ideal choice for preserving and restoring the health of your tooth for several reasons:


  • Dental porcelain is hypoallergenic, meaning you will not experience any sensitivity or allergic reactions that many people face with metal-containing crowns.
  • Porcelain crowns provide a precision fit that protects the remaining tooth structure from tooth decay and bacteria.
  • Dental porcelain is strong and can withstand the constant pressure and impact endured by the molars while still offering an unparalleled esthetic appeal.


Conscientious dentists believe that the very best dental restorations should be totally indistinguishable from your natural teeth even as they restore the optimal health function of your mouth. With this belief in mind, The Frisco Dentist offers porcelain crowns that have the durability and incomparable translucence of healthy dental enamel. Not only do porcelain dental crowns look great, they fit in a way that improves gum health and reduces your risk of periodontal disease.