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Dental Veneers


Dental veneers are thin custom made shells that cover the front surface of your tooth to improve their appearance. They are made of tooth colored materials and can be used to improve the color of teeth that have been worn down or stained. Alternatively, they can be used to improve the shape or size of the tooth.

Types of Veneers

There are two types of veneers that are commonly used. Porcelain veneers are more durable, and resist stains better. The properties of the material also helps to create a very natural tooth look. Unlike porcelain veneers, composite resin veneers are not made in a laboratory, but instead directly applied to the teeth. They typically have a shorter life span, and are less expensive.


When should you consider dental veneers?

You can talk to your dentist about dental veneers if:


  • Your teeth are stained or discolored
  • Your teeth are crooked or misshapen
  • Your teeth have spaces between them
  • Your teeth are broken or chipped

How its done

Two visits to your dentist are typically required for porcelain veneers. At the first visit, three important steps are completed. Firstly, the your teeth is prepared to be fitted with a veneer, which will involve trimming a portion of the tooth so the veneer can be bonded on top. Secondly, an impression is taken of your teeth or tooth which will be sent to a laboratory to prepare the veneer. Finally, you may receive a temporary veneer depending on how much of your tooth structure was removed. This temporary veneer will protect your tooth while the permanent veneer is prepared at the laboratory.

At the second visit, the temporary veneer, if you received one, will be removed. Then, the new veneer received from the laboratory will be checked to see if it fits well. It's best not to adjust porcelain veneers after they are bonded to your teeth, so any adjustments will be made beforehand. Once you and the dentist are satisfied with the look and feel of the veneer, it will be bonded to your tooth.



Benefits of Veneers


  • Veneers give your teeth a natural aesthetic look. It is extremely hard to tell the differences because each veneer is custom-shaped to the patients real tooth. Veneers are also resistant to many of the common items that take havoc on your smile such as coffee, tea, etc. Even teeth that refuse teeth whitening solutions are no match for porcelain veneers. You will be leaving the dentist office with a sparkling white rejuvenated smile!
  • Unlike Crowns, Veneers require a minimal amount of original tooth removal in order to make the veneer fit perfectly.
  • Veneers are a solution for teeth with stains or discoloration, breaks or chips and spaces between them.


Veneer Maintenance


Once your veneers have been applied, regular maintenance is required both inside and outside the dentist office. Frequent brushing and flossing is of course suggested. Your dentist will recommend a particular type of toothpaste and fluoride for ongoing optimal results. Follow-up appointments can be expected shortly after you receive your veneers to make sure everything is going according to plan. Long-term requirements suggest you visit your dentist consistently for polishing and examination.  


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