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New Patients


Thank you for chosing The Frisco Dentist!



At The Frisco Dentist, we know how important it is to have a great first visit! Our doctor and staff will do everything we can to ensure that you leave our office with a great experience. We also know that your time is valuable! We want to help you by leaving our new patient paperwork below so you can print it off and fill out our forms at your convience.


New Patient Forms - MS Word


New Patient Forms- PDF 


What you can expect at your first visit


You will be greeted warmly by our front office staff. They will make sure you have filled out all the necessary forms and take any additional information that is needed. You are welcome to have any refreshments and read any magazines while in our waiting room but you won't have to wait long. Our hygienist will come up to call you right on time! Once you are back with our hygienist, she will review you medical history, ask you relavent questions regarding your medical history, and take your vitals. We usually take two different types of x-rays 1) panoramic x-ray to see the entire mouth and 2) bite-wing x-rays to see in between the teeth. After the x-rays are completed, she will measure your probing depths-the space between your tooth and gums. If everything looks healthy, she will start your cleaning. Dr. Cespedes will pop in to look over your x-rays and do a full examination. She will be looking for cavties, infections, or any worrisome areas in your mouth.


The whole process generally takes sixty to ninety minutes.


We look foward to meeting you and your family soon!